Friday, May 04, 2007

Still life with apples, stage 3

The third day of the still life with apples today. In this stage I added some structure to the paint using impasto medium. This works particularly well to mimic the structure of for instance wood. At the back end of the table I blurred the horizontal line that separates it from the back wall. This makes the box and apples look relatively more sharp and focused. Furthermore I corrected a mistake in the perspective and sharpened a few contours around the metal box. Hope to be able to work on the entire painting tomorrow, and maybe finish it... (This painting is not for sale yet).

Still life with apples, stage 3, 42x35 cm, oil on masonite.

Not for sale yet


Blogger jeanneillenye said...

Love it already, Jos!! Great! Jeanne

7:16 PM  

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