Friday, December 19, 2008

Still life with green box

Getting round to painting again, after moving to a new studio. Bought this little green box at a 2nd hand store. Don't know what is inside. Wanted to paint it and then destroy it, so no one will ever know... (Watch this painting being painted on youtube)

Still life with green box, 15x17 cm.

Go to to see if this painting is still available.


Blogger RenĂ© PleinAir. said...

Sjee, ik las het verkeerd!

Still living in a green box!

I worried that it's going soo bad that your living in a green box now a days, ... luckily I was reading it wrong. Well painted Jos, and that in 2.27 minutes, that would be approx. 130 painting a day, bed your rich hehehe.

Can't see how your new easel is working though but I reckon I will see it in real life soon enough.

Merry X mass Jos and I hope lots of fun painting time together next year, I am looking forward to it.

9:50 PM  

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